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Very professional - Renee works with the buyer to stay within budget and get the buyer what they want. She is masterful at staging property and I would highly recommend her. She is responsive and hard working.

- Milo751

Our search for the perfect home in VA could not have been complete without Sam's incredible knowledge, support and guidance. Sam is without doubt the most patient and committed real estate agent that we worked with. During our search, Sam was quick to respond to our requests which in some cases  included seeing 8-10 properties over one afternoon. He isnt your typical pushy salesy agent that wants to sell you whatever he can and make a quick buck - he was extremely patient during the process. His knowledge of the closing process helped us get the balling rolling on the different but time intensive aspects of closing. He held us hand every step of the way and we would gladly recommend him to others so they may have an equally pleasant house shopping experience.

- ayeshadatta

Beth Hughes is wonderful to work with. She came recommended by friends when I moved into the area from NY. I found her to be very knowledgeable in every aspect of the process. But more importantly, I found her to be incredibly sincere. She really worked to understand my needs and tastes and  provided options that were right on target. With Beth, I didn't waste a lot of time going to a bunch of random condos until she figured out what I liked...she asked the right questions rigth from the start Beth was a true advocate for me and I know I got what I was looking for, in the neighborhood I wanted and in the price range I could afford. You definately can't go wrong with Beth on your side

- Greg Ahlquist

Leslie is a true professional with a gift for knowing just what to do and say to help you through the process. She responds to texts, calls and emails nearly immediately. She's matter of fact, calm and incredibly thorough.

- Michelle Johncock

Thomas was an absolute gem. He searched high and low for us, was extremely diligent, attentive and honest and was a very personable individual. My son- who Thomas made sure was always taken care of (crayons, coloring books, seeing houses after nap time etc.) became attached to Thomas. He's the best!

- Nita Rey

Thomas was great! Super responsive, personable, and sooo helpful! I called him Monday morning, he was flexible with my schedule and set up an apartment viewing for the next morning, and he was able to get everything finalized for me so I could sign the lease and move in to the apartment the following week! Literally a life saver. Always early to meet with me, answered all my questions, and facilitated communication with the owner/agent for me about the property. I couldn't be happier and I love my new place! Thank you again, I really appreciate all your help so much. It was so great to work with you!

- Amelie Bail

Trish helped me close on a new construction in Hyattsville. I was a first time home buyer, so I knew very little about purchasing a home. She was an amazing help in seeing me through the whole process and bent over backwards to keep me updated with important dates, information and other  pertinent details that are involved in purchasing a home. She was extremely responsive and made herself available for any questions I had. I highly recommend her and will tell all my friends to give her a shout when they are ready to buy homes!

- bbarryau

I had to relocate for a new job out of state and I needed to rent my condo asap! There were several other units in my building on the market at the time and I was worried that I might have a problem renting my unit. Trish assured me that I would not have any issue renting my unit. Within a  couple of weeks, she had a tenant ready to move in. I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Trish! She is an amazing Realtor.

- cpattweb

As a first time homebuyer, I would highly recommend Trish Ofori. She is immediately responsive, able to communicate clearly and she explains buying process in a simple way that makes sense to us new purchasers. Trish knows the DC area (and PG County) very well and was very patient, professional and  proactive during the home search and buying process. Even after purchasing the home Trish is still checking-in and being helpful. She is an excellent realtor and was one of the highlights of my home buying process. I’d highly recommend her to anyone.

- jwbadoe

We staged a home for Tim and Mandy a few months ago in Washington DC. They were very professional and understood the value of staging for their client. They are a great real estate partner and we would recommend our clients to them. They are very responsive and great to communicate with.

- Collene Bernard-Wilson

Tianni and her team are the best! She is sharp and professional.

- Amanda Light

Having worked in the DC real estate industry for the past 8 years, I've met many agents and dealt with many agencies. Sheila Simkin's firm, DCRE Residential has by far surpassed my expectations for how a brokerage is run and how they treat their clients. From their innovative, high-end marketing  strategies to their aggressive negotiating, the agents at DCRE Residential take care of everything so that you, the client, can focus on the enjoyable aspects of buying a property. Simply put, DCRE Residential is hands down the best real estate company in the DC area.

From start to finish Sheila and her team are thorough, professional and efficient. Not only did they get me the best price for my condo but they also went above and beyond to make sure the process was not stressful for me and my husband. They made it as simple and easy as possible - which is saying a lot for a real estate transaction in DC.

I can't wait to work with Sheila and her DCRE Residential team again!

- jessicadubose

August 4, 2015

These guys know the city well and are great to work with. Will continue to use as my real estate firm on my next move 

- Jonathan L Leonard
[Lauren Stafford is] great to work with! Very knowledgeable, professional and foresaw all our needs. Would highly recommend!!!
- John Sands

My wife and I were looking for a house in Washington, DC, where the market has been very difficult for buyers. We met Sam Kassar through friends, and he immediately made us comfortable, sharing ideas and tips on the home buying process. We knew nothing about this process as we were first time home buyers, and therefore Sam's help was critical. We narrowed down our research to 2-3 neighborhoods in Washington, and probably viewed almost 40 properties, and Sam joined us every time we felt it could be the right one for us. In this difficult process, Sam showed great enthusiasm, always staying positive and supportive of our choices, while providing great advice on the process and on properties we were visiting. Sam also had great knowledge of the "offer" process, and really guided us through all of its complexities. Sam was available any time we had questions, and responded very quickly to all requests - working late at night so we could provide our offer on time. 
In summary Sam is extremely responsive, trustworthy and hard working. We would certainly recommend him to any close friend or family member (and we have)!

- Germain L.

I have only great things to say about working with Mandy. My husband and I cannot stop talking about how smooth and enjoyable she made our home buying experience. From our first meeting two years ago when we were 'just beginning to think about looking for a house' until the day we closed on our house last week, she has been patient with our slow-paced house hunt and eager to help us every step of the way. We were first time home buyers who knew nothing about the home buying process and she walked us through every stage. We decided from the beginning that we wanted to buy a bit of a fixer upper and at our first house viewing, she (and her wonderful husband Tim) showed up with flashlights to help us look at the foundation and joists of century old home - that is just one example of the way she went above and beyond for us! We leaned on her knowledge and expertise about the complicated Washington DC market and are so happy with the investment we have made. It felt like she was a true partner in our home buying journey and we were honestly sad to be done working with them once we had the keys to our new home. We are thrilled we chose to work with Mandy and thrilled to be in a home we love.

- ektbaker

We hired Arynne as our agent once six years ago, and a year ago when we started looking to move, we didn't hesitate. She is immeasurably knowledgeable and dedicated, having asked all the right questions about what we really wanted: What did we see ourselves doing in our new place, what did we  want most out of it, and so on. How did this work out for us? I'm writing this review from the patio of our new house, which matches what I told her: I wanted some outdoor space! She really tailored the search to our needs, and got us great results. The second time around we were looking in DC was a completely different market. Six years ago, it was a buyer's market, so our search was easy. Now it is a seller's market. I was nervous about this. However, she navigated both so seemlessly that it really helped us get the best possible place and meet our price point. Regardless of market conditions, she sees, sells, and buys enough homes to know how to maximize your chances of getting the best place possible! The thing I loved most about working with Arynne is her responsiveness. She's on the clock at all hours emailing and advancing my offer, request for inspection, responses to our bid etc. I have recommended Arynne to some of my closest friends, and each time I say that she is the best, most responsive real estate agent in this market.

- user7443970

She will go above and beyond for the quality of life for a buyer like me. I was treated like a 5 million dollar home buyer. When we first met I described the home and price and loan needed. The amount of work she did to assist was so nice of her. THANKS

- j27doza

Earlier this year, my wife and I worked with Craig Cobine of DCRE. Craig represented us in looking for and eventually purchasing an investment property in DC. We could not be more grateful for Craig's help. Craig took us to countless properties all over the city over the course of several months  while we looked for the perfect opportunity. We were new to purchasing investment properties, and did not want to rush into anything. Craig patiently showed us scores of listings as soon as they came to market. Craig has done extensive work on his own homes (and has great contacts with local contractors, inspectors, title companies, loan officers, and property managers) so he was able to give us sound advice as to how much work would need to be done at each location. He also possesses expertise across all neighborhoods in the city, and thus was able to analyze where the best opportunities for growth are present. When it came time to make offers, he quickly turned around all the paper work, and helped negotiate the prices. He frequently visited the property without us to ensure that the owners were cleaning it out properly and met the inspector for a walk through. Craig promptly set up the closing and took care of all the details. Even after closing, Craig helped us find a property manager. We could not have done this without him, and we look forward to working with Craig in the future!

- C. Black

Leslie is sharp and funny and tolerant of people who know very little about real estate (not referring to myself, of course.) She will help you find what you like and make sure you know all the pros and cons of, say coop vs. condo or south facing or 1st floor or new/old construction and allll that.  She worked hard for me and was super flexible.

- Quinn S.

As first time home buyers, we had a wonderful experience working with Melissa. We were impressed by her knowledge of the local market, as we were considering several DC and Arlington neighborhoods. Melissa was very thorough in explaining the home buying process, and kept us in the loop regarding  next steps throughout the process. During a summer when we were buying a house, planning a wedding, and trying to stay on top of our crazy work schedules, we appreciated Melissa's organization and frequent communication, keeping us on the ball and reminding us of important dates and deadlines. She far exceeded our expectations, making a complex process run very smoothly. Thanks Melissa!

- Emily Light

We worked with Jen on the rental of an apartment, and 1.5 years later, on the purchase of our first home. Our experience the first round (rental) inspired confidence--Jenwas knowledgeable, responded quickly, and was easy to work with. So it's no surprise that we had a great experience working with Jen to buy our home.

We were specifically impressed by three things: (1) her responsiveness, (2) her guidance for us indecisive people, and (3) her thoughtfulness in educating us along the way.

Regarding responsiveness, Jen gets back to you. And I mean quickly. Sometimes so quickly that I hadn't even realized I'd sent the email or text or already. This made the entire househunting and purchasing experience much easier since an answer was always right there when we needed it. It also meant that we could make offers on homes quickly--something important in DC's frenetic market!

Regarding her guidance, my husband and I really think about things. We could spend a month just debating whether or not we want to increase our offer price 5k. Jenwas great about getting us to move. She didn't pressure us but she did nudge and encourage us. Without that, I'm not sure we would have been able to maneuver the fast-paced market. This handholding-of-sorts was also SO helpful navigating all the steps of buying a house. We didn't know what to do when, but Jen did, so she moved us along.

Regarding education, we also really like to know what we're getting into. So it worked well for us that Jen didn't just tell us what to look for, for example, but why. After she learned a bit more about us and our expectations for our lives in our future home, she gave us helpful ways to think... if we're going to have kids in this home, bathrooms and stairs might become things to think about. If we're going to have a car, the parking situation. She also taught us about choosing how much to offer--sharing comps with us and letting us know what she recommended and why. Throughout, we felt empowered to make decisions that otherwise would have been guesswork.

I think the best way to sum up our experience with Jen is that at the closing, amidst all the joy and excitement of "Holy s*** I bought a house!!" I had a feeling of sadness; we'd otherwise been seeing Jen a few times a month to look at houses. This was a great, fun experience... and the thought of not getting to learn, joke around, and explore DC with her... it felt like a loss. She's a great agent and a great person, and we're looking forward to working with her again down the line.

- Jessica R.

I have worked with Mr. Allison on several transactions covering a long span of time, from 1997 - 2010. In addition to excellent knowledge of DC neighborhoods, Darrell has years of experience working with residential lenders and the necessary knowledge of preparation needed for financing - he's  kept me prepared for all the steps within various deals. Further, Darrell's work throughout the process is always detail oriented, from the contract itself, to quality marketing materials and plans. He has a good sense of design and property appearance that has been invaluable on more than one sale for certain.

- Norm Veenstra

If I could give Akrum a six star I would. I've worked with plenty of real estate agents before and I would say that Akrum is by the far the most professional I've ever worked with. He listens to all of your needs, concerns, and goes above and beyond with getting answers to any of your questions. He's there working for you whole heartedly to make sure you find a place that suites your needs. He makes you feel like you are in control of the whole process and works with you to get the best possible deal. Great guy to work with and it was such a pleasure. 

- Stacy G.

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