become part of The The Sheila & Craig Group family

We are a hard-working, irreverent group that wants to be successful and make money yet also find a way to enjoy this sometimes insane business.

why we're different

We don't have Big Egos. We are not pretentious. We are a drama-free zone. We do have purpose,  flexibility, a cool office, laughter and sometimes we have snacks & cocktails. We are supportive and creative and want to be the best at what we do.

our agents are different

Things you will not see on our Agents Page (or on our team):

  • Glamour shots taken back in '86 
  • People in suits & ties
  • People standing in front of the Capitol
  • People talking on their cell phones 
  • People in suits talking on their cell phones in front of the Capitol while petting their dog

cool stuff you get if you work here

  • Splits start at 60% and increase to 86%.
  • No franchise fees, desk fees or admin fees—ever.
  • Access to awesome photographers for your virtual tours—and we pay for half their fee.
  • Sleek brochures designed by our amazing graphic designer and paid for by us! (You get to pay for the printing).
  • Custom-designed & unique marketing postcards from Just Listed/Sold to direct mail pieces to cultivate your own "farm".
  • Free marketing for your listings on our blog.
  • Free marketing for your listings in our newsletter, which goes out to over 19,000 people each week.
  • The best farming/client out-reach program in town—you give us your database of clients and we'll send out the newsletter to them from you, with your picture and your contact information once a week. Stay in touch with past and potential clients by sending them something they actually look forward to receiving.
  • Agent referral program—we pay $3,000 per agent you help us recruit.  

we want to hear from you!

But enough about us; let's talk about you. Why do you want to work with us? Email me or call me and let me know! Your new career could be just a click or phone call away.

What is it like to work at The Sheila & Craig Group? Here's what some of our agents have to say...

"I’ve worked at several brokerages and there has been no environment more helpful and productive in helping build my business than the one I’ve found at DCRE. In an ego and personality driven business, I’ve found myself afraid of truly expressing what my needs and desires were when it came to what I expected out of the brokerage. Not here. This company focuses itself on embodying a true down to earth approach that is completely genuine. Sheila Simkin is one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met and to have her as an ally in building my business has been an incredible experience. Not only is she and everyone at DCRE so generous with their time but also with the resources they offer to help you grow. Always forward thinking, the staff are ahead of the game in finding out what they can do to help us. The support the brokerage provides allows me to continue providing top-notch service to my clients and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be."

Akrum Ali

"Sheila makes herself readily available to discuss contractual issues, working with clients, and business development. I appreciate not only Sheila's availability but also that these discussions are practical. While it's of course important that a broker is able to help agents understand law and contracts - and Sheila is - it's also been extremely helpful for me to hear her perspective as a working agent and someone who cares about my success."

Leslie Brenowitz

"I chose DCRE because I wanted to feel like I was running my own business. DCRE gives you the tools you need to be successful without stifling your creativity. I was able to work with Sheila to further develop my brand, creating logos and marketing materials. At DCRE I feel like I am part of team that supports me as I grow as an individual agent and entrepreneur."

Jamie Grigg

"I think the best part of working at DCRE Res is that we have the  best broker and most down to earth agents in DC. We're professional and also pretty funny.   Also, our marketing is one of the reasons why I work at DCRE. Modern and distinguishable presence in the market despite being a small boutique brokerage."

Renee Peres

"I think one of the best things about The Sheila & Craig Group is that Sheila offers all of the services of a large brokerage but in a boutique / family environment.  Originally I chose this firm because of the great marketing materials, which I feel continue to be the best in the DMV area.  Plus, we just have a ton of fun"

Craig Cobine

"When your first starting out in real-estate, it can be overwhelming. Being an agent at DCRE, you are set up for success from the start. The one-on-one attention and concern that you receive from Sheila Simkin as your broker is a perfect balance professional guidance, counseling, and support. These elements are crucial to allowing your business to thrive. The freedom you have in planning your business at DCRE while at the same time receiving dedicated attention to your transactions creates an environment where everyone can succeed. I'm grateful to call DCRE home."

Michael Fratz

"The marketing is 100% more interesting than anything else in the real estate business.  My broker is collaborative, responsive and has my back in situations that are difficult. DCRE is my partner in helping my business grow. I love that we're unique. We're run by a woman who supports other women to be successful.  While we're serious about business, nobody takes themselves too seriously."

Jen Angotti

"After having worked at 3 of the big DC real estate brokerages, finding Sheila and DCRE has been a breath of fresh air!  No weekly, time-wasting meetings, no difficult to justify admin fees, no pressure to use in house lenders and settlement companies and you’re not treated like an employee.  Instead you are treated like an independent contractor with the freedom to run your business as you see fit.  And, when you need support or guidance, Sheila is right there for you.  There are no strict rules to follow…if it makes good business sense then Sheila will support it.  She is a style and marketing perfectionist- she hires only the best photographers, graphic designers, writers and printers –and she does all that background work so you don’t have to.  Oh!  And, she pays for part of it! DCRE also puts out a weekly newsletter with interesting articles and current listings…it’s a totally effortless way to stay in touch with your clients.  It gets sent out automatically so you don’t even have to think about it.  When I hear from past clients it’s always via them responding to the newsletter.  It’s easy to brag about DCRE and Sheila….I’m very proud of our reputation and proud to be part of this organization.

Mandy Hursen